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Terms of use/Disclaimer
ⓒ 2024 West Midland Medical Hub

All rights reserved. All contents of this website are legally protected by UK copyright law. No part of the website content may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means; electronic (including screenshots, texts, etc), mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise. It is a legal offence and anyone doing this will be liable to prosecution.


The material taught and cases discussed in this course are solely the property of the invited speakers, WMMH does not take any responsibility for the source of these images or slides provided by the invited speakers. WMMH does not give any exam questions to the candidates.


Our FRCPath-related courses and educational resources are not suitable for pathologists who are actively organising, participating or delivering FRCPath courses. Candidate must disclose this at the time of registration. Failure to do so can result in cancellation of registration.


We reserve the right to close/refuse registration at any time.


Registration can be cancelled if the candidate fails to comply with our terms and conditions. Provision of any false information will be considered fraud and would also result in registration cancellation.


Recording of the live session is impermissible, the participants will be dismissed from the live session if they fail to comply. 


Webcams are allowed and the organizers can request you to turn on the webcam if they notice any suspicious activity like group attendance and that could result in disqualification.


One registration is required per course participant, individual registration cannot be used for groups.


Registration fee is non-refundable however, if a course or registration is cancelled by the management a refund will be issued for the full amount paid.

If you wish to transfer your registration to another course, a management fee of 25 pounds will apply. This fee covers administrative costs associated with the transfer process. By initiating a registration transfer, you acknowledge and agree to the payment of this management fee. Please note that the management fee is non-refundable. Registrations other than full mock courses cannot be transferred to full mock courses.


Mocks and practice module payments are non-refundable.

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